RV Window Treatments

If you are in the market for updating your RV window treatments, we do not recommend the off-the-shelf kind. You need special RV window treatments with mounting hardware at the top and bottom to prevent them from flying into the air as you're traveling down the road. Existing mounting hardware may not fit replacement window treatments, so don't just assume that a standard replacement blind or shade will work.

Mini blinds have a tendency to rattle and shake when you're driving. If this is the style you're looking for, go for blinds that have a built-in constant tension that automatically controls rattling and banging. Curtains are also an option for RV window treatments, but make sure to purchase styles with tie- backs to keep the curtains secure and out of the way when you're driving.

RV Linens

Are your RV linens and upholstery fire retardant? When you upgrade your RV's interior, don't forget to choose linens and upholstery fabrics that are fire retardant. Not only does the Motor Vehicle Safety Code require this, but it's a wise, safe alternative to older upholstery fabrics that could contain extremely flammable chemicals. When you choose your new upholstery fabrics, check with your dealer to make sure they are fire retardant before you buy.

Camping World will allow you to choose your own upholstery fabric and then coordinate it inside your coach. When redecorating your RV, you can add drapery valences, pillows, bedspreads, headboards, and more all in a wide variety of coordinating colors and fabrics. All of this configuration can be done online with easy-to-use software.

When you choose new RV linens and fabrics, get an updated look that's as safe as it is chic.

RV Floor Coverings

When it comes to RV floor coverings, your choices are just about as endless as traditional home floor coverings. RV floor coverings come in everything from vinyl to carpet, laminated wood to tile, and anything in between. When you choose RV floor coverings, you should choose something that's practical and easy to clean. You're going to be in and out of your RV a lot, and this wear and tear can be hard on floor coverings.

Don't choose floor coverings that are too slick, especially in the entryway, kitchen, or bath. When water hits them they can become extremely slippery, and slippery floors cause accidents. When you choose carpeting, choose a neutral color that will camouflage dirt. Find out if you can coat the carpet with Scotchguard or another material to help keep it clean.

Don't install laminate flooring in areas that might get wet, such as entry steps and bathrooms. Water can damage and even ruin the laminate. Your RV dealer should have RV floor coverings to recommend—ask to see pictures of their RV floor covering installations to see the quality of work they produce.

RV Curtains for Privacy

That big front windshield makes it much easier to drive your RV, but it's not so great for privacy when you're ready to settle in for the night. That's why you need RV curtains that custom fit your windshield for privacy. These RV curtains usually attach to the coach wall with a track for easy opening and closing. If you have to replace your RV curtains, you can find some varieties that come with Velcro closures, which makes attaching them to the existing rack a breeze.

If you have a large or unique windshield, you'll probably have to order custom RV curtains for privacy. You'll have to measure your windshield area and then choose the fabric and style for your RV curtains. You can get RV curtains in a variety of styles now, from traditional pleated curtains to stylish pleated shades and even Roman shades. Be sure to choose RV curtains for privacy that are durable and will block out light to give the most privacy and security while you're inside your RV.

RV Blinds

You can get mini-blinds for your RV, but instead of these ultra-common RV blinds, why not look for custom blinds, like day/night pleated shades, Roman shades, or other custom blinds? If you choose custom RV blinds, you can choose the fabrics and materials and make sure they enhance the rest of your RV's interior. In addition, you can add privacy panels or light-filtering materials to make your RV blinds as private or open as you'd like.

Be sure to choose materials that are easy to clean, especially if you're replacing RV blinds in the kitchen or bath. Many mini-blinds come in baked enamel finishes, which can stand up to cleaning better than fabric blinds. But there are other options, such as fabric coatings, to repel dirt and water that can give you many more options in these areas. RV blinds don't have to be boring anymore, they can be functional and stylish at the same time.

Buy Your RV With an RV Awning Installed

If your RV doesn't come with an RV awning, make sure you add it before you purchase your RV. Why? An awning is much harder to install later. Installing an after-market awning is tricky, and often it's not done right. A botched installation can severely damage the exterior of your RV.

To successfully attach the RV awning to your coach, the installer needs to find the interior supports inside your RV's outside wall. If these supports are not located, the installer could be drilling right into the thin skin of your RV. An awning installed this way could rip right out of the wall, damaging the awning and the wall. In addition, if the installation isn't sealed correctly, it can leak, which can cause interior wall damage to your RV.

Buy your RV with an RV awning already installed to avoid problems in the future.

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