1 1/2" Stainless Steel Exhaust Tip

Catalog Item # 27997

Re-direct heat and grimy exhaust soot away from your coach and towed vehicle.

Easy-to-install stainless steel exhaust tips are a handsome addition to any coach. They won't rust, and they won't chip or peel like chrome-plated tips. Turn-down ends send diesel soot down, away from your vehicle. Stainless steel clamps included.

Technical Specifications

1.4 lbs.

by Anonymous – May 10, 2015
I need to turn down my generator exhaust so the it does not damage my KarGuard when towing car and stopping for short periods of time and using the generator. I suspect the exhaust tube is about !".
If the exhaust pipe for your generator is 1", no this tip will not fit since the interior diameter is 1.5". You should be able to easily locate an exhaust tip of appropriate size through an autoparts store as this is the smallest diameter we have available.
by Camping World – September 10, 2015
by Anonymous – January 08, 2014
Overall length is 12 inches.
by Camping World – January 09, 2014

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