10" Camping Fan with LED Lights

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Powerful 2-speed fan offers quiet cooling plus handy LED lighting with 3 brightness levels: High, Low or Nightlight.

Technical Specifications

3.5 lbs.

If you purchase an A/C adapter port then use it with a small inverter this is the only way you can use it with a 12V system.
by -Joseph G- – January 28, 2017
No, this fan is designed to operate from six(6) 'D' Cell batteries.
by Camping World – January 16, 2017
Estimated run time is 20 hours on High speed and 53 hours on Low speed.
by Camping World – July 26, 2016
Yes, the LED lights operate on a different switch that has 3 different settings: High, Low, Nightlight.
by Camping World – June 01, 2016

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