12' Propane Assembly Hose

Catalog Item # 31886

Most commonly used to connect an auxiliary tank to a motor home.

Soft Nose Excess Flow P.O.L. x 1/4" Male Inverted Flare.

Technical Specifications

1.6 lbs.

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When you need more length for your stay a while tank

by Ava Joyner – September 25, 2012
5 out of 5 stars

This product helped us out when our 6' hose was too short for our 100 lb tank to sit on concrete pad provided with our site. Easy

propane hose

by Anonymous – July 20, 2013
5 out of 5 stars

I stay in one camp site for 13 weeks at a time. It is so much cheaper and easier to use 100 pound cylinders of propane and this ho

No, one end is POL for inside threads on the propane tank valve, and the other end is 1/4" male inverted flare.
by Camping World – February 19, 2016
If you have a Coleman NXT, #68326 or #69335, no this hose will not allow for connection. Portable grills that have onboard regulators are not able to use an RV Quick Connect low pressure line without custom modification. A bypass tee like #86432 would have to be installed to provide non-regulated flow to a portable LP appliance that uses disposable bottles as the primary fuel source.
by Camping World – October 22, 2015

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