12' Quick Connect Propane Assembly Hose

Catalog Item # 67312

Connect a high-pressure grill or appliance that uses throw-away propane cylinders to a high-pressure RV onboard propane supply.

Quick-connect-hose-to-throw-away-cylinder adapter fitting connects directly to Mr. Heater F276181 quick connect with shut off (Sku 30334).

Technical Specifications

1.4 lbs.

Camper's Choice Rating

Reviewer rating of 3 stars based on 6 reviews (3 Based on 6 Reviews)

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  • Doesn't work in my application (2)

Great grilling addition

by Chuck, Raleigh NC – October 27, 2014
5 out of 5 stars

We struggled at first and even Camping World said it would not work. Well, when you think about what you are trying to do (use reg

You have got to be kidding me

by TomOinGburg – August 04, 2017
1 out of 5 stars

RV Quick connects are generically low pressure "water", high pressure stoves are 100 times more pressure, or more. At best, this w

12' propane hose

by Anonymous – April 12, 2013
4 out of 5 stars

Item as described, should work fine once I have an opportunity to try it out

The hose is perfect, but probably won't do what you want.

by Anonymous – December 09, 2013
5 out of 5 stars

There is an issue as mentioned elsewhere here with the double-regulation of the propane. There might be some propane stoves this

Bad at both ends

by John Hinkle – July 10, 2016
1 out of 5 stars

At the male end, the wall of the connecter is too thin to open the quick connect valve on the trailer. On the female end, the valv

by Et – January 10, 2019
Yes, this is a 1/4" quick connect.
by Camping World – January 11, 2019
I have a quick connect line on the back of my R V from the l p tank up front.
Yes, this would be the correct hose for connecting an appliance that uses disposable propane bottles, like the CGG-180T, to a quick connect propane line. However, due to the onboard regulator on the grill, the propane line from the RV must be non-regulated. If the quick connect line from your RV is low pressure(regulated) you will want to install a tee like SKU#24020 or SKU#30340 to create a bypass before the RV's onboard propane regulator. The bypass will allow you to connect portable propane appliances that have built on regulators.
by Camping World – March 16, 2016
If your grill uses disposable 1# propane bottles, this hose will connect to it. However, on the RV side, the propane will need to be un-regulated from the onboard tank. Portable grills do not function correctly when using a low pressure propane source mainly due to its own onboard regulator. A propane 'tee' with an accessory port is installed before the RVs onboard regulator to allow high pressure flow from a tank to a portable appliance that uses disposable propane bottles.
by Camping World – August 18, 2015

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