13.3'' Widescreen HD LED TV/DVD

Catalog Item # 82530

13.3" Widescreen Combined TV/DVD with HD and LED Display, and AC/DC power supply.

Has a car cord, HDMI Input, USB slot and SD card reader. Full functioning remote control and Multi-Language onscreen display.

Technical Specifications

4 lbs.

by Pat – January 26, 2016
Yes, this TV has one HDMI input.
by Camping World – February 19, 2016
by Anonymous – November 24, 2015
Yes, both a 120VAC power adapter and 12VDC cigarette lighter power cord are included with this TV.
by Camping World – January 15, 2016
by Anonymous – October 20, 2015
This TV has a built in ATSC/NTSC tuner for over the air and cable TV programming via coax ('Antenna In' port). TV antennas for the most part are universal in application to RV type/model. We carry both roof mounted and indoor OTA antennas, our listing can be viewed here.
by Camping World – December 28, 2015

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