15 Gallon Tank, 12" x 12" x 24"

Catalog Item # 5582

15 Gallon Tank

Technical Specifications

9.15 lbs.

Yes this tank can be installed to a small camper, but keep in mind this unit is intended to be permanently mounted.
by Camping World – March 02, 2016
by Anonymous – May 29, 2015
I see in the picture there is an upper hole and a lower hole. I assume the upper hole is for water input and the lower hole is for output. However, how does one drain this tank? And, shouldn't it have an air hole to help the water flow?
An Install/Owner's Manual for this tank can be viewed here. There is a air vent port on the tank but is not represented in the drawing we have on our website. As for draining, a threaded cap is included with other hardware for the drain port, the cap is unscrewed to drain the tank.
by Camping World – October 16, 2015
by Trails West Campster – June 13, 2013
Included with the tank are: (1) 3/8" ID vinyl tube 6.5" long, (3) 3/8" H.B. x 1/2" MPT adapter, (1) 1.25" x 24" flexible water intake hose, and (1) 1.25" MPT hose barb.
by Camping World – June 14, 2013

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