2 Burner Drop-In Cooktop, Black top

Catalog Item # 78868

Features two 5,200 BTU/h burners with front-right controls.

Sturdy porcelain enameled steel grates remove easily for cleaning. Available in White, Black, or Stainless finishes. Optional covers are available (Glass cover 78905).

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery due to lead times for building items which may not currently be in stock.

Technical Specifications

9.8 lbs.

by Anonymous – January 08, 2017
No, this cooktop does not have an igniter. The burners have to be lit with a match or long handle/BBQ lighter.
by Camping World – January 10, 2017
by RON – April 06, 2016
Cutout dimensions are 16-3/8"L(left to right) x 11-5/8"D(front to back) x 3-1/8"H. Technically there is not a minimum tank size. This cooktop is to be connected to a propane gas system that is has a regulated pressure of 11"W.C.(min) to 14"W.C.(max).
by Camping World – April 11, 2016
by Anonymous – December 09, 2015
The cooktop has a 3/8" flare fitting for LP connection.
by Camping World – December 10, 2015

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