20' Patio Awning Cover

Catalog Item # 72090

Protect your awning fabric from the damaging effects of the sun and weather with Awning Pro-Tech.

Technical Specifications

11.8 lbs.
Diameter 3.85” inches. (9.8 cm) length 4’ foot 3” inches (1.3 m) Net weight: 1 lbs. 14 ounces (.85 kg) for each piece.
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    Great Product !

    by Dave in El Paso – September 15, 2013
    4 out of 5 stars

    Some of the best money I've ever spent!! I recently had to replace the A&E awning on my RV. It had deteriorated in the harsh d

    by Al – August 29, 2017
    Can it be painted?
    No, the covers only come in white because it gives the most UV resistance.

    Yes, if you wish, you can paint them yourself using Krylon spray paint for plastics(available at most home stores). Note: If you choose to do this, you waive all warranties on this product.
    by Camping World – August 30, 2017

    by Lois – June 14, 2016
    so what you're saying is for an awning that measures 19.5" from cap to cap I have to order a larger one from the manufacturer?
    Correct, if your awning is 19.5' from cap to cap the 20' kit has to be used since the covers are not made to an exact patio awning size. This cover product is designed for the pieces to be overlapped when installed, so on an awning smaller than 20'. The overlap is increased to make it fit. An install & information video can be watched here.
    by Camping World – June 14, 2016
    by Whiteley – June 02, 2016
    it 19' 8"may awning how many do I need.
    In the 20' kit, there are 5 pieces. Since the kits are only sold in multiples of 4, the 20' kit is used for your awning(19'8"). When placing the covers on, you will just increase the overlap to make it fit the roller assembly.
    by Camping World – June 02, 2016

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