20" Propane Hose Assembly

Catalog Item # 34165

Most commonly used to connect a bulk cylinder on a camper to a regulator.

Acme Nut x 1/4" Male Pipe Thread.

Technical Specifications

Less than 1 lb.

Generally propane tanks over 40# do not have an OPD valve that accepts an ACME nut. Bulk tanks use 'left hand' thread that is internal, Soft Nose POL(SKU#24022) is the connection compatible with the internal threading on a propane tank.SKU#31886 is an appropriate hose for tanks that do not have the external threading on the tank valve to accept an ACME nut. A kit like SKU#82583 is usually installed so a removable bulk tank can be attached along side the mounted propane tanks.
by Camping World – February 18, 2016

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