22 Ft. Fiberglass Flagpole

Catalog Item # 65215


  • 22ft extended
  • 4ft collapsed
  • 2.0 diameter
  • (4) flag clips, to fly two flags
  • Plastic chrome ball topper
  • (3) Metal anti-collapse push pins

    This is a replacement pole for item 72855.

  • Technical Specifications

    4 lbs.

    by Wally – August 03, 2016
    Mfr sells a 4 pack of flag clips. They can be ordered through Technical Sales @ 1-800-622-6264
    by Camping World – August 04, 2016
    This flagpole uses the 2.0 Mounts listed as item #65213. It can be ordered through catalog sales @ 1-800-626-5944.
    by Camping World – June 03, 2016
    if so does this meen that the manufacture does not warranty the pole any more ?
    Yes, this flagpole is the same unit included with kit #72855. The manufacturer offers flagpoles and mounts individually for out of or non-warranty replacement. As well as for use with mounts or flagpoles from other manufacturers. Flagpole buddy does offer different size kits but use the same diameter mounts. Individual sale of the flagpole allows the owner to switch different sizes to fit their needs but use the same mount hardware.
    by Camping World – December 30, 2015

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