24" x 40" LH Drain Tub - White

Catalog Item # 71360

Replace your damaged tub or shower to restore full use of your RV bathroom.

Technical Specifications

13 lbs.

by Joy – November 15, 2015
I am building new bathroom not a replacement. . What other parts do I need to purchase to install this? It looks like missing the front panel
A surround is usually installed with these bath tubs, we have a matched surround listed as SKU#71371. A faucet will also be needed, a model with an exposed D-spud like #74343 is commonly used on an RV install. A drain will also be needed since a drain is not provided with the tub. The drain along with raw materials for installation(wood/pipes/tubing/sealant/caulking) will need to be obtained from a plumbing supply retailer.

As for the 'front panel', since the tub is intended to be a direct replacement, an existing cutout with apron is reused. Hence why an apron/decorative panel is not included. Either a panel will have to be self fabricated or pre-fab one from a plumbing supply retailer can be used.
by Camping World – January 11, 2016

by Anonymous – July 03, 2015
Yes, we have the same tub in Parchment listed as SKU#71354.
by Camping World – December 18, 2015
by ca sosa – July 02, 2015
The drain is on the Left Hand side of this tub.
by Camping World – July 02, 2015

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