3 Burner Drop-In Flush Mount Glass Cover

Catalog Item # 78903

Available for all Suburban cooking appliances.

The Flush Mount Glass Cover provides a stylish, sophisticated look with the added benefit of additional counter space when the cooking appliance is not in use. The glass cover and drop in cooktop are sold separately.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery due to lead times for building items which may not currently be in stock.

Technical Specifications

9.2 lbs.

SKU#78903 is only the cover(made of glass) for a 3 burner cooktop by Suburban manufacturing. The cooktop displayed in the image is listed as SKU#78865 and is fueled by propane.
by Camping World – April 27, 2016
by Anonymous – February 13, 2016
What cooktop is pictured here?
The cooktop pictured is a 3 burner drop-in by Suburban Manufacturing; SKU#78865.
by Camping World – March 07, 2016
SKU#78903 is the glass cover(flush mount) for a Suburban drop-in 3 burner cooktop, which we have listed as SKU#78865.
by Camping World – February 02, 2016

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