3 Burner Stove

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We are excited to announce the newest member of the Camp Chef family, the Explorer 3X!

There is something to say about having the right tool for the right job. When you’ve got a large group to feed and you are depended on to get that food cooked, the Explorer 3X is the right tool for the job. Three 30,000 BTU burners and 686 square inches of total cooking area allow you to cooking for large crowds with ease. Throw a Professional Griddle that covers two burners on with a Hot Pot and you’ve got the makings of a warm pancake breakfast with hot beverages for your group. Or use the Explorer 3X’s versatility to its max, mix a Professional Barbecue Box 30 with a Professional Griddle and a Dutch Oven, each over one burner and you can really get creative with your meal. Simplify your camp’s meals to save time and effort with the new Camp Chef Explorer 3X. The Camp Chef Explorer 3X features three 30,000 BTU burners for maximum cooking versatility. A huge cooking surface will allow you to cook for large groups with ease. With the Explorer 3X you can grill, griddle, boil, or fry. Great for Dutch oven cooking as well. Drum style burner housing and three-sided wind screen protect flame from wind. Rugged construction is durable and built to last and removable legs make storage and portability easier. Great for use cooking any meal at camp, home, and the cabin. Plenty of cooking area for a Professional Barbecue Box and a Profession

Technical Specifications

46 lbs.

by Anonymous – May 28, 2016
Camp Chef Explorer 3X, Model #EX90LW
Yes, this stove has a compatible carry bag. We have it listed as SKU#77973.
by Camping World – May 30, 2016
by Wendy – November 25, 2015
Griddles for Camp Chef products can be purchased directly from the manufacturer here.
by Camping World – November 25, 2015
by Grl – October 01, 2015
Replacement parts can be purchased directly from the manufacturer using the Parts Finder tool.
by Camping World – December 15, 2015

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