30 Amp Locking PowerCord Plus RV Cordset - 30'

Catalog Item # 72108

Power Cord Plus by ParkPower takes the high quality of other ParkPower cord sets and makes it easier, quicker, and safer to operate.

Technical Specifications

8.45 lbs.

by Mikie – February 17, 2016
We are unable to confirm the electrical system installed to an RV at the factory. The power inlet will have to identified to verify compatibility. This cordset attaches to a 30amp locking style power inlet like SKU#28231
by Camping World – March 08, 2016
by Anonymous – November 09, 2015
We are unable to confirm items installed to a specific make/model/year at the factory. If you have a 30amp locking style power inlet, yes this cord can be used. For a 30amp cordset hardwired to the power center, SKU#78922 can be used. Conversion kits like #20300 are available to convert from hardwire or direct plugin format to locking style.
by Camping World – January 07, 2016
by Anonymous – August 09, 2015
This cordset is most likely to work with your 5th wheel as the locking power inlets use the same threaded design. You may need to contact the RV manufacturer or check the power inlet for a brand name to obtain a 100% confirmation of compatibility. This cordset is manufactured by Marinco.
by Camping World – August 10, 2015

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