360 Siphon RV Vent Cap, Black

Catalog Item # 82179

Eliminate tank odors at the source.

Works in any wind condition to eject odors and gasses from black water tank, preventing them from invading RV living space. Speeds up waste breakdown. Patented design has no moving parts so there’s no maintenance. Built-in bug screen keeps pests out. Easy installation--fits either a 1 ½” or 2” dia. pipe stack. Made of strong polycarbonate.

Technical Specifications

Less than 1 lb.

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by Lou M – October 27, 2016
5 out of 5 stars

This installs super easy. I used it an entire season and no odors were detected inside my RV.

by Anonymous – August 12, 2015
what sealant should I order when this vent is attached to the roof of our rv?
You can use a self-leveling lap sealant such as item# 32125. A number of different sealants and colors are available, be sure to check if the sealant is safe for your roof material and can adhere.
by Camping World – August 13, 2015

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