46"L E-Z Hose Carrier- Black

Catalog Item # 58990

E-Z Hose Carrier mounts on RV for compact storage of your sewer hose.

Cap closes securely and is vented for evaporation. Includes mounting hardware.

Technical Specifications

3.4 lbs.

by Anonymous – February 16, 2014
See item 60174 (64 inch).
by Camping World – February 17, 2014
Based answers, I didn't buy for a year. I went and measured my Rhino-Flex and saw that the widest portion was the 90 degree milk white swivel at 4.25". Bought the 64" and my Rhino Flex fits perfectly, easy to insert and remove. The only part I have to remove is my 90 degree clear connection for the RV. Of course, the sewer attachment won't fit, but every portion that is contained by the Rhino Flex caps fits perfectly with caps on. I do recommend the 64" for the 15' kit.
by Len – September 02, 2015
There are 4 flanges that are finger holds for turning and locking the Rino to the drain. Those are just a bit too long. I took a rasp and took about 1/8 off of 2 (thar are next to each other) and them took some 220 grit sand paper and smoothed them out. Easy and most people would not even notice the alteration.
by Anonymous – June 21, 2014
No. It does not fit. I have proven this in my own installation.
by Mushroom – April 24, 2014
The inside diameter is 4 13/32", there have been reports of certain RhinoFlex fittings not working with that diameter.
by Camping World – June 10, 2013
by Anonymous – March 16, 2013
The inside diameter is 4 13/32", outside diameter is 4 1/2".
by Camping World – November 09, 2013

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