5-Line Retractable Clothes Dryer

Catalog Item # 80524

Embrace the feel of the beautiful outdoors for your laundry with this 5-Line Retractable Dryer.

Benefiting from natures energy, clothes and linens dry naturally on a massive 170' of line space. This 5-line system extends to 34' and releases easily for smooth retraction into a protective aluminum case that keeps the line dry and clean. A tightening knob keeps lines taut and tangle free. Its lightweight and heavy-duty construction make this full size retractable line perfect for outdoor or indoor use. Light weight and heavy duty construction, use indoors or outdoors. Aluminum casing keeps clothesline clean and dry. Large knob keeps lines taut and tangle free. Smaller knob locks clothesline and releases easily for retraction. Can be mounted on a wall outdoors, in the garage, basement or laundry room. Extends to 34'. Provides 170' of drying space.

Technical Specifications

13 lbs.
6.5" l x 36.5" w x 8" d

Each line will hold up to 9.3 lbs. and combined capacity of 46.5 lbs.
by Camping World – July 06, 2018
Yes, the assembly comes with an 84" post that is 2" in diameter.
by Camping World – September 28, 2017
by Anonymous – August 11, 2016
36.5" wide
by Camping World – August 12, 2016

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