56” x 22” Wind Deflector, Polar White

Catalog Item # 68799

Engineered for todays tow vehicles.

Technical Specifications

25 lbs.

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Works just like it was on a big truck

by Anonymous – January 16, 2016
4 out of 5 stars

Took longer to pick out the correct clamp end and throw away the packaging than to mount the deflector the first time. Directions

by Jack – July 25, 2016
Are the mounting clips required for different trucks included, or do I have to state which clips will be shipped with the item?
A small assortment of clips are included with the wind deflector, specifically clip #'s 2, 6, 8, and 9. A fit chart can be viewed here. Replacement clips or models not included with the deflector can be ordered directly from the manufacturer here.
by Camping World – August 03, 2016
and what speed is it geared for what is the maxium
The wind deflector is securely fastened to your roof with four nylon straps & vinyl coated hooks that attach between the door and roof. Installation Video

This wind deflector will also work with a luggage/roof rack. If the side rails of your luggage rack are not very tall then the normal installation will work fine on most vehicles.

If the side rails of your luggage rack are taller and you have enough space between the rails, then you can mount the WD500 series wind deflector between the rails. You need at least 48 inches between your rails in order to mount either of these wind deflectors directly on the roof.

On vehicles with the rails closer than 43 3/4 inches together, you can mount any of the wind deflectors with the base on top of the rails.

According to the manufacturer, there has not been a maximum speed allowance that they have come across at this time.
by Camping World – July 01, 2015

The difference is size, WD600 models are 56 x 22, WD500 models are 48 x 22.
by Camping World – April 08, 2014

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