6" High-Low Drop Hitch

Catalog Item # 21578

High-Low Drop Hitch levels your towed car-motorhome hitch connection when they are out-of-level.

Makes towing safer and smoother. Fits nearly all 2" square hitch receivers, lowering or raising the connection point 6". For use only to tow a car behind a motorhome; not for use for towing any type of trailer. Rated 6,000 lbs. GVWR and 100 lb. tongue wt.

Technical Specifications

13.4 lbs.

by Anonymous – February 17, 2016
Here is a video by Curt on 'How to Determine the Proper Rise or Drop of a Ball Mount', and here is a quick document also from Curt on 'How to Calculate Ball Mount Drop'.
by Camping World – March 08, 2016
I have to clear the back of the motor home and need at least 8.
From the center of the pin hole to the back of the drop is 14".
by Camping World – March 05, 2014

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