75 Amp 3 Stage Converter

Catalog Item # 65911

The PowerMax PM3 Series Converters are the perfect choice for providing the most efficient charge to your RV Batteries.

With STANDARD features such as 3 Stage Charging, Electronic Current Limiting, Automatic Thermal Shutdown, Low Voltage Protection, and Reverse Polarity Protection this makes Powermax Converters the top choice among many RV enthusiast's.

Technical Specifications

9 lbs.

by Al – October 25, 2015
my inteli 9100 60 amp unit is dead. just looking for a decent replacement
Yes, SKU#65911 can be used to replace a deck mounted Inteli-Power 9100 series, 60amp converter.
by Camping World – December 29, 2015
by Anonymous – August 13, 2015
Input Voltage Range: 105-135V AC

Input Voltage Frequency: 47-63

Max AC Current @ 108VAC: 12 amps
by Camping World – August 13, 2015

by Anonymous – May 29, 2015
I have a Inteli Power 9100 1300 watts Output is 13.6 VDC 80 AMP that needs replacing. What is the best you have to replace with
Other options include WFCO WF-9875, or Parallax 5475 with TempAssure(#86724) and without TempAssure(#86723). Choice comes down to personal preference in brand, features, and cost.
by Camping World – October 15, 2015

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