8K RB Fastway® e2™ 2-point sway control™ hitch

Catalog Item # 56853

Weight distribution eliminates highway hop, loss of steering control and tow vehicle sagging.

Integrated Sway Control eliminates the hassle of removing or disengaging add-on sway control to make tight turns or when backing up.

Weight Distribution: The e2 hitch changes the way the tow vehicle and trailer couple together by creating a bridge between them, helping them work together like one unit instead of two, and distributing the weight more evenly to the axles of both vehicles. When the hitch is set up properly, the tow vehicle’s steering wheels stay more firmly planted on the road.

Sway Control: Unique rigid sway control brackets provide the convenience of built-in sway control through two points of linear steel-on-steel friction. Instead of the spring arm swinging back and forth freely at the bottom of a chain, e2’s spring arms rest on top of a bare metal bracket. This significantly reduces driver fatigue and stress while towing, plus it’s easier to use than chain style hitches.

Rust resistant powder coat finish. Hitch ball sold separately.

Technical Specifications

79.4 lbs.

by Gw – August 20, 2018
The included shank provides a 7" rise x 1" drop.
by Camping World – August 21, 2018
by Anonymous – March 13, 2017
No, a hitch ball is not included.
by Camping World – March 15, 2017

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