Active Heat™ Knee Wrap

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Whether you want soothing heat or inflammation reducing cold on your knee (cold pack included), the Active Heat Knee Support Wrap can provide you with comforting knee relief wherever you need it!

With an adjustable Velcro closure, the wrap can be comfortably fit to most people and help to alleviate knee-related discomfort. Completely wireless and easy to use, this will be the last knee wrap that you’ll ever need. Research has shown that applying heat to affected areas dilates the blood vessels which increases oxygen content, blood flow (circulation), and aids in reducing pain while helping to stretch soft tissues and relax muscles. Additionally, heat has a therapeutic effect on the mind which creates a comforting euphoric sensation (coziness)... think about how you felt the last time you were bone-chillingly cold and you sat down on that comfy couch in a warm room! One of the best design features of our Active Heat line is its adaptable power management. From the start, we noticed that our competitors had elaborate proprietary power supplies with special jacks that would make external power sourcing impossible for the user; we wanted our device to be user friendly. Aside from the included USB power bank, the Active Heat line can be powered from nearly any USB power source including: cell phone chargers, AC adapters, DC adapters, computer USB port, battery bank, Solar panel, laptop USB port, USB Hub, and more! Operation is simple, wrap the brace comfortably around your knee, power on the battery pack and select your desired heat setting!

Heat Settings:

  • Green: Low Heat (95°F)
  • Blue: Medium Heat (118°F)
  • Red: High Heat (140°F)

    The battery pack is designed to be the heart of the system. The battery pack is able to be charged via micro-USB (cable included) and has a single LED flashlight built in! 4 bright blue LEDs illuminate the battery status indicator; each of the 4 LEDs represents 25% of the battery’s available charge. What’s more is the battery pack can also charge your smartphone and other USB powered electronics! Simply place the included cold pack in your freezer and wait until it is completely cold throughout. Place the cold pack into the sleeve on the knee wrap and then fit the wrap to your knee.

  • Technical Specifications

    2 lbs.

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