ADCO All Climate + Wind Designer Tyvek RV Cover - Travel Trailer, 28' 7" - 31' 6"

Catalog Item # 82637

All Climate + Wind RV Covers are designed for wind resistance like you've never seen before in an RV cover plus they offer top protection for any climate.

They protect your RV against the sun’s damaging UV rays, rain and snow. These three-layer, Universal-Fit RV covers offer many of the same great features of the original Designer Series Tyvek covers, including a Tyvek RV top panel that reflects sunlight, keeping your RV cooler inside; a weighted buckle toss-under for easy installation; an included ladder cap that reduces wear, zipper side panels for easy access to door and storage bays, and water-resistant yet breathable fabric to help fight mold and mildew formation.


  • NEW! * Slip-seam strapping system cinches at the top and bottom for snug fit
  • NEW! * Extra reinforcements throughout top and bottom of side panels
  • NEW! * More durable polypropylene sidewalls that resist rips and tears
  • NEW! * Ultra-modern, two-tone Grey side walls with Designer graphics
  • NEW! * Four FREE Tyre Gards included with every cover
  • NEW! * ADCO 3 year warranty protection—an extra year of protection over other ADCO Universal-Fit covers!

  • Technical Specifications

    35 lbs.
    28'7" to 31'6"

    by Anonymous – November 06, 2017
    Dimensions: 381"L x 104"W x 102"H
    by Camping World – November 07, 2017
    by jim – November 01, 2015
    Warranty details can be read here.
    by Camping World – November 06, 2015
    by Judy – August 13, 2015
    • Measure your RV from end to end at the longest point, including the spare tire, bumpers, and ladder.
    • Do not use the RV Model number or manufacturer-stated length as actual length may vary.
    • Do not include propane tanks or hitches.
    • Do not include rooftop accessories such as air conditioner or satellite antennas.
    • If RV length falls between cover sizes, choose the larger size for the best fit without binding or stretching that can damage the cover. Front and rear cinches will take in any extra cover material.

    In the product description, look for the 3rd video which is a short clip that provides an example how a trailer is measured.
    by Camping World – August 14, 2015

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