ADCO Travel Trailer Storage Lot Cover

Catalog Item # 110989d

Storage Lot 4-Layer RV Cover: The Perfect Cover for Storage

This new durable 4-layer polypropylene cover is UV treated and designed for long-term usage in the storage lot environment. Our new CAM buckles secure the straps in place to prevent slippage during un-attended use, while the patent-pending Slip-Stream Strapping System cinches cover tight on all 4 bottom corners to help prevent wind penetration.


  • Air Vents to prevent mold and mildew
  • Gutter Protectors to cover your rain gutters and to prevent damage to your cover
  • Extra Reinforcements located throughout all 8 corners, top, and bottom
  • Buckle System located on front and rear that cinches taught for a snug fit
  • CAM Buckles that prevent strap slippage and keep cover on tight
  • Slip-stream Strapping System that cinches cover tight on front and rear to provide a snug fit and to prevent loss to the wind
  • 4-layer Polypropylene Top and Sides for water-resistant, yet breathable, coverage

  • Technical Specifications

    by TGMiler – May 21, 2018
    No, wheel covers are not included.
    by Camping World – May 21, 2018

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