ADCO Tyvek RV Mirror Covers, Pair

Catalog Item # 33118

Protect your Class A Bus mirrors from UV damage and premature aging.

Tyvek RV covers with felt border apply easily with Velcro closures. Includes 2 mirror covers.

Technical Specifications

1 lb.

by Anonymous – May 27, 2016
These mirror covers are also available in (SKU#82706)Diamond Plate and (SKU#82708) Game Creek 'Oaks" Camouflage.
by Camping World – June 01, 2016
by Kozynsr – November 05, 2013
Unfortunately these are only available in white with black trim.
by Camping World – November 06, 2013
The mirror sock is 18" tall, 9" wide, and 5" deep. The mirror arm portion cover is 16" long.
by Camping World – April 08, 2013

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