Americana & Americana Plus 6.0CF Refrigerator Door Panels, Contoured - Brushed Aluminum

Catalog Item # 37880

Replaces your current door panels to update the look of your coach.

Tough, high impact ABS material door panels are lighter weight, with a brushed black stainless look. Includes top and bottom panel.

Fits Dometic Americana & Americana Plus 6.0CF Refrigerator (#12775, #25820, #25860).

Technical Specifications

7.3 lbs.

I used stainless steel cleaner and that did not work. Weird pattern on the steel developed, now I have to replace
Raised panels like item# 37880 are not made of aluminum but of ABS plastic and just painted in a particular finish.

For cleaning, using a non-abrasive cloth with water and mild dish soap will avoid damage to the paint.
by Camping World – June 05, 2015

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