Atwood Air Command RV Air Conditioner - 13.5K White, Ducted

Catalog Item # 71786

Provides 16K BTU equivalent performance at the price of a 13.5K unit.

Operates on as little as a 2000 watt generator and two units can run on 30 amp service.

Technical Specifications

86 lbs.

by Anonymous – June 27, 2017
Dimensions: 13.6"H x 39"L x 26.5"W
by Camping World – June 27, 2017
by Robert – July 26, 2016
No, this unit is Cool Only and heat strips are not available for the Air Command. For heating & cooling ability, there are heat pump models available ducted and non-ducted. However, all of the heat pump variations are 15k BTU.

Ducted, Air Command Heat Pump

by Camping World – August 03, 2016
by willy – May 23, 2016
This rooftop unit can replace any RV model air conditioner that is installed to a 14"x14" opening. However, the inside components (plenum & thermostat) will have to be changed to units compatible with the Air Command. SKU#71795 is the matching ceiling assembly and also includes the wall thermostat as well as remote.
by Camping World – May 23, 2016

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