Automotive Type 12V Bulb Ref. # 1141LL Single Contact

Catalog Item # 19422

Automotive Type 12V Bulb Ref. # 1141LL Single Contact.

Pkg. of 2. Long life bulb lasts twice as long.

Technical Specifications

Less than 1 lb.

by marilyn – January 14, 2016
I find these bulbs are too strong and burn my lens covers ... the lens covers get frosty and brittle and crumble when touched ....also I do not need such a bright bulb t y
For an incandescent 1141 model bulb, even between different manufacturers, no. If you need a lower output incandescent bulb based off of the 1141 model, a 1093 is the next step down in output. It still uses the same BA15s base, S-8 bulb shape, and C-6 filament, but has a lower output. CEC's #1093 bulb is 15.232 watts. A model #93 bulb would be an option as well, CEC's bulb is 13.312 watts. You can find these bulbs in automotive stores or big box stores that have an automotive section. Unfortunately most of our inventory of incandescent bulbs have been replaced by LED variations. SKU#55024 or SKU#67017 are LED variations that can replace a 1141 model incandescent bulb. LED bulbs consume a significant lower amount of power (1.68 to 2.4 watts), creates little to no heat while operating, but still produce the same amount of light or more.
by Camping World – February 12, 2016
by Kernut the Blond – January 14, 2015
18 watt
by Camping World – January 14, 2015

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