Automotive Type 12V Bulb Ref. # C921 Multi Contact

Catalog Item # 19417

Automotive Type 12V Bulb Ref. # C921 Multi Contact.

Pkg. of 2.

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Less than 1 lb.

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Perfect fit

by Ann Lewis – October 25, 2011
5 out of 5 stars

Just what we needed to replace our bulbs..shipping was fast

12V Bulb #C921

by Anonymous – January 06, 2014
4 out of 5 stars

Excellent product - was impressed with the brightness. The packaging wasn't secure as the bubble protector on the cardboard back

Between a 921(SKU#19417) and a 906(SKU#19416) model bulb. Generally the only difference is the filament used on incandescent bulbs or brightness on LED models. Physically the bulbs are the same.

SKU#19417: Candle Power = 21, Watts = 17.92, Amps = 1.40

SKU#19416: Candle Power = 6, Watts = 9.315, Amps = 0.69
by Camping World – June 24, 2016

by raney – May 11, 2015
I bought a used camper and the bulbs look like these but they burn the lens cover. I cannot read a wattage on them. I am sure I need some that dont get very warm. Is this the type you would suggest?
This bulb is 18 watts, and with an incandescent format the bulb will get warm when powered.
by Camping World – September 14, 2015
by JP – April 30, 2013
These are rated at 18 watts.
by Camping World – May 02, 2013

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