Auxiliary Diesel Fuel Tank, 60 Gallon

Catalog Item # 72931

Lower fuel costs and increase your driving range with an auxiliary fuel tank that mounts behind the cab in your pickup.

Technical Specifications

80 lbs.
55"L x 20"W x 12 ¾"H

by Breadman – June 28, 2017
What is the total height including the filler port
Height including cap on filler port is 15-1/4".
by Camping World – June 29, 2017
The manufacturer install kits are controlled by a manual shutoff valve. You will have to find an electronic controlled kit or design one of your own.
by Camping World – August 17, 2015
by Anonymous – August 14, 2015
does the aux fuel tank continuously flow to the oem as the oem tank level goes down? and what is the rate of the flow.
Flow rate is around 6 to 8 gallons per hour since the line is gravity fed. The install kits from RDS use a ball valve design, so yes when the valve is open fuel will continually feed from the auxiliary tank when the fuel level drops in the main fuel tank. The valve will auto-stop if the main fill line is full.
by Camping World – August 14, 2015

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