Auxiliary Diesel Fuel Tanks, 32 Gallon

Catalog Item # 72929

Lower fuel costs and increase your driving range with an auxiliary fuel tank that mounts behind the cab in your pickup.

Technical Specifications

60 lbs.
50"L x 20"W x 9"H

by travler – June 30, 2016
No, these tanks are not intended to be used with gasoline.
by Camping World – June 30, 2016
by ronnie – September 06, 2015
Next to the fill port is welded on nozzle, which is the vent for the auxiliary tank. A plastic cap is placed on the vent from the factory. When using the aux. tank, the cap is removed and the shutoff valve(part of the install kit) is opened to feed fuel to the vehicles primary fuel tank.
by Camping World – September 08, 2015
You will need to measure out the area in the bed of your truck(Dimensions: 50"L x 20"W x 9"H ). These tanks are universal so no fit chart is available to refer to. The part that is Make & Year specific are the fuel line kits, your vehicle would use item# 56512 which is compatible for Dodge vehicles 2012 & older.
by Camping World – July 22, 2015

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