Battery Doc 6/12 Volt Smart Charger, 1.5 AMP

Catalog Item # 84717

Check out the Battery Doc with four LEDs for easy charging status identification.

Technical Specifications

1.17 lbs.

No, the manufacturer does not recommend using this charger with a bank of batteries, only individually.
by Camping World – May 25, 2016
by ken – May 05, 2016
I have 4 6volt batteries wired in series. Will this charger maintain the batteries while in storage.
With such a low charge rate, this unit is intended for connection to a single battery as opposed to a bank. Higher output units like SKU#87331 or SKU#87330 would be better suited. Noco even has the G4 model charger which can handle 4 individual batteries simultaneously.
by Camping World – May 05, 2016
by Jeff – April 28, 2016
I have electric outlet at my storage facility and was hoping I could plug this in and hook to battery to keep battery charged. Will this keep it charged and ready to go hooked up to electrical outlet?
Yes, this unit will charge a 6V or 12V battery when attached to said battery and plugged into the wall outlet.
by Camping World – April 28, 2016

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