Bike Adapter

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Fits between seat post and stem post, to allow girls' bikes or sloping tube bikes to sit level on most bike racks.

Quick-release telescoping bar fits multiple bike sizes. Vinyl coated hangers keep a firm grip on and prevent damage to your bicycle’s frame. Extends 19"-26” length.

Technical Specifications

2.8 lbs.

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Bike Adapter Bar

by Barry Barton – December 15, 2014
1 out of 5 stars

Looked like a great way to level up a ladies bike. Unfortunately, it was backordered at the time and weeks later was still not in

Minimum Length: 19"

Maximum Length: 26"
by Camping World – August 31, 2015

by Anonymous – July 01, 2015
This bike adapter can fit a distance of 19" to 26" from seat post to handle bars which might fit a trike pending on design. However, the weight limit is 35 lbs., a typical adult tricycle is likely to exceed the weight limit of the adapter.
by Camping World – November 02, 2015
by Richard – December 31, 2012
How sturdy is this bar? The bike in question weights 60 lbs..
The weight limit for this bar is 35 pounds.
by Camping World – January 09, 2013

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