BikeBag 2 Bike Cover

Catalog Item # 107438

Protect all bikes from weather, road grime, dust and bugs with our custom fit two bike cover bag accessory.

Technical Specifications

8 lbs.

by Anonymous – December 03, 2017
Per the manufacturer: As the BikeBag is an adjustable odd-proportioned bag, the measurements of 90"L x 63"H reflect the BikeBag when the product is stretched flat and has zero contents.

For the best confirmation of bicycle fit, measure the circumference around the bicycle wheels when the bikes are installed on the rack. This bag will fit a maximum circumference of 180".
by Camping World – December 04, 2017

by Anonymous – October 31, 2017
The cover is made of polyester nylon material.
by Camping World – November 02, 2017

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