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Looking To Sell Your RV? Here Are Some Tips To Get The Most Money 868

Many RV owners who want to sell their vehicles decide to go through a dealer and use what is called RV consignment. Camping World will pay you top dollar for your RV at one of our dealerships closest to you. You can list your RV for sale with Camping World by submitting your RV details.

Some owners who decide to sell on consignment choose to do so instead of selling their RV themselves since the marketing, negotiations and paperwork are all handled by professionals. It can be a lot of work if you handle the paperwork all by yourself.

Individuals that choose to consign their RVs should know that they will not receive any money until their vehicle is sold. How much the original owner will receive depends on the consignment agreement as well. Some dealers agree ahead of time to pay owners a fair market value while others take a percentage of the total sale price

Most reputable dealers will work hard to get top dollar for the RVs they sell on consignment. However, here are a few tips that we suggest to owners that choose consignment to help their vehicle stand out.

  • Give your RV a thorough cleaning both inside and out
  • Fix any small problems such as loose hinges or blown out light bulbs. Camping World has multiple light bulbsfor sale to spruce up any RV.
  • Get the vehicle tuned up and the oil changed. View Camping World Supercents to locate a store nearest you.
  • Spend a few extra dollars on getting some basic accessories such as placemats or step rugs to give the RV extra value.

Remember that first impressions are important when it comes to a major investment like an RV. Getting your vehicle into the best possible condition will help you make more money on its sale.ADNFCR-2712-ID-19635661-ADNFCR

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  1. If I list my RV with you on consignment how long does it take to be paid for my unit after you sell it?

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