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Top 17 Gift Ideas for Your Favorite RVer 447

Top Gifts for RVers

Or for yourself, we won’t tell 🙂

DIY Embroidered Maps

DIY Embroidered Maps

If you want to go the DIY route, these embroidered maps from BLDG 25 contributor Naomi are a great inspiration. View her post here.


Pet Shirt – Love Camping

Pet Shirt

For your favorite fluffy RVer, only $7.49 here.


Bag Chairs

Bag Chair

You know that one person at the RV park who is always “borrowing” other people’s chairs? Get them a super-durable bag chair to call their own for only $9.97 here. Feeling extra generous? Add in an outdoor ottoman, get one here for only $9.97.


RV Collectible Toys

RV Toys

Adorable and affordable, get yours here for only $11.87.


Camper Ceramic Cookie Jar

RV Camper Cookie Jar

Just make sure whoever you gift this to shares the delicious cookies they end up storing in here. Get one for $12.99 here.


Marshmallow Shooter

Marshmallow Shooter

They’re just marshmallows, so you hopefully don’t have to worry about anyone shooting their eye out. These are available in Camping World stores (not available on-line) – they are such a fun and cool gift it is worth the trip. Find your local Camping World here.


State Sticker Map

State Sticker Map

Such an awesome way for RVers to keep track of all of their travels across the states! Buy for $18.49 here.


Tervis Holiday Tumbler Gift Bundle

Tumbler Gift Set

The perfect gift bundle for your neighbors at the RV park! Plus you can use all of those leftover marshmallows that you don’t use in your marshmallow shooter. Buy for $19.99 here.


Camper Trailer Queen Personalized Engraved Necklace

RV Camper Necklace

This is a great (and personalized!) sentiment for the “Camper Trailer Queen” in your life. Get one here, starts at $19.99.


“RV There Yet” Throw Pillow

RV There Yet Pillow

For ultimate comfort during all of their RV trips, buy for $22 here.


Awning Rope Light with Track, 18’

Awning Rope Lights

Adorable décor for any season, buy here for $27.97.



Cloud Pet Cloud Pet

Such a cute gift idea for kids or grandkids! Choose from a dog ($28.60) or bear ($29.99).


Personalized Carved Wooden Rustic Camping Sign

Rustic Wood Sign

Personalize this cool rustic sign for your favorite RVer (or for your own family), only $49.95 here.


Portable Fire Bowl

Portable Fire Bowl

Portable and easy to store, perfect for the RVer that is always on the go, get one for $53.64 here.


Vintage Trailer Birdhouses

Vintage Trailer Birdhouse

This little birdhouse is simply adorable! $65 and they have four different color options – they sell out fast so don’t wait! Find yours here.


Carryout Anser Portable Satellite Antenna

Portable Satellite Antenna

Unlike other antennas, this portable one from Anser can receive DISH HD programming from a single satellite – plus set up time is minimal. Buy yours for $449 here.


Rand McNally RVND 8” Tablet GPS

Rand McNally RV GPS Rand McNally RV GPS

This is the gift of all gifts! This is the latest and most advanced GPS system from Rand McNally and comes preloaded on an Android tablet. This one is sure to make any RVer feel like Clark Griswold when he finally receives his holiday bonus; get yours here for $499.99.

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