Boiler -100ºF Antifreeze, Gallon

Catalog Item # 72724

-100¼ below zero F

Safe, odorless and tasteless, this non-flammable premium heat transfer fluid has special corrosion inhibitors added. Ready to use out of the bottle—no mixing required. For use in Aqua Hot systems as a heat transfer fluid.

Technical Specifications

9 lbs.

Camco's 'Winter Ban' is for winterizing the plumbing lines and related appliances/fixtures while this antifreeze is for boiler use. Specifically Aqua-Hot and Hydro-Hot hydronic heating/cooling systems.
by Camping World – November 18, 2016
SKU#72724 is a ready to use pre-mixed container while SKU#38599 is a concentrate and requires distilled water to be mixed in.
by Camping World – November 18, 2016
The manufacturer of the hydronic heating/cooling system should provide the amount and ideal mixture for boiler antifreeze. As an example, Aqua-Hot's entire FAQ section, located here, is about antifreeze. Additionally, Owner's Manuals or Installation/Service manual as helpful for technical specs and instructions as well. Aqua-Hot: Product Manuals
by Camping World – January 20, 2016

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