Brisk Air II 15,000 BTU Air Conditioner - Polar White

Catalog Item # 69937

New aesthetic styling and aerodynamics plus reduced size, weight and noise.

Technical Specifications

84 lbs.

by Anonymous – July 05, 2016
No, this is a cool only model unit. Look at SKU#69939 for a 15k BTU, Brisk Air II unit that is a heat pump model.
by Camping World – July 06, 2016
I am inquiring if the fan can be connected with a thermostat and control the fan with the cooling.
This rooftop unit can be combined with Air Distribution Box, SKU#69942. Which will make the air conditioner compatible with wall thermostats SKU#67286(Single Zone LCD) or 71167(Comfort Control Center II).
by Camping World – May 27, 2016
by Anonymous – May 16, 2016
This product has a 2 year manufacture warranty.
by Camping World – August 15, 2016

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