Brisk II Replacement Shroud, Polar White

Catalog Item # 72432

Sleek, contemporary design with improved aerodynamics reduces drag for improved mileage.

Reduces air flow resistance, noise and vibration. Replacement for Brisk II air conditioners and heat pumps.

Technical Specifications

8.4 lbs.

by YOW2PBI – January 15, 2017
Yes, the Brisk II shroud is available in black, see SKU#72433.
by Camping World – January 16, 2017
No, you will need to use SKU#22895 or if you want a current look, use SKU#60108.
by Camping World – March 25, 2016
by linda – August 27, 2015
No, use item# 34465 or item# 16085 for a replacement shroud for your unit.
by Camping World – August 28, 2015

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