Cable Box DVR Satellite Box TV Wall Mount Kit

Catalog Item # 78665

For 32" to 55" LCD LED Plasma TV Flat Screen with VESA 100 x 100mm to 800 x 400mm, Variable Tilt, For Cable, Satellite Receiver or DVR measuring up to 18" x 13" x 3.25", COMCAST, AT&T, FIOS, DISH, DIRECTV, UVerse, Time Warner, Motorola, Cisco and more.

Technical Specifications

9 lbs.

If the remote is an IR model, generally no because line of sight is usually needed. If the remote is WiFi or Blue Tooth then line of sight is not require and will operate.

For a rear mount like this, either the user will have to get in line of sight of the 'receiver' behind the TV to operate, or bounce the IR light from the remote off a surface to the receiver. IR can bounce off some color and surface types, especially a mirror, so on a technicality a receiver can be operated while out of sight if the remote can bounce off a surface to the receiver.
by Camping World – August 26, 2015

Most DirectTV and DishTV remotes are RF not infrared. They do not need line of sight.
by LeftyLawdawg – August 11, 2016
For an IR based remote that require line of sight, many hard surfaces or a mirror can be used to bounce the signal to the hidden device behind the TV. Some devices have a jack available on the back for an IR Input. Third party companies fabricate an IR extender that can be connected to the jack and mounted in plain view so the remote has line of sight to the sensor. For an example product, part# B00AMTRR5K or B000C1Z0HA can be purchased on Amazon. Verizon has their own accessories for the Fios, the IR extender can be viewed here.
by Camping World – October 06, 2015

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