Camp Chef Aluminum Hot Water Pot

Catalog Item # 82523

Camp Chef heavy gauge Aluminum Hot Water Pot is a terrific item for camping, tailgating, patio and backyards.

This large capacity, 20 quart Hot Pot with spigot valve dispenses liquids effortlessly without making a mess. The heavy gauge handles make for convenient carrying, and the aluminum lid with handles makes checking on your ingredients effortless.

This aluminum built Hot Pot is easy to clean and protect against corrosion. When cared for, it will give you years of great performance.

Cleaning and Maintenance is easy. Clean with soap and water.

Technical Specifications

5 lbs.

by me – August 31, 2017
Product Dimensions: 11.5" Diameter x 10.5" Depth
by Camping World – September 01, 2017
Yes, this pot can be used directly over a fire. Pots/Pans from Camp Chef are all designed with their gas burning outdoor stoves in mind. If used over a wood fire, staining to the pot exterior is likely to occur but not damage the integrity of the unit.
by Camping World – January 13, 2016

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