Camp Chef Gas Grill Three Burner Stove

Catalog Item # 82519

Big Gas Grill Three Burner Stove with Professional BBQ Box.

The Camp Chef Big Gas Grill/ Stove has three 30,000 BTU Burners and 16” x 38” cooking grate or 608 total square inches of cooking grate. This model comes with Matchless Ignition and fully adjustable heat-control knobs. The addition of the burner housing limits hot/ cold spots and gives extra wind protection. The removable / adjustable legs allow for table top use and compact storage space.

The Big Gas Grill is out of the box and ready to start cooking in minutes. It comes with the Camp Chef Professional Bar B Que Box that comes with its True Season Finish, and Single deluxe folding shelf.

Technical Specifications

85 lbs.

Each burner can produce 30,000 BTU making the total output 90,000 BTU for this stove.
by Camping World – July 14, 2017
by Dimo – June 14, 2016
No, this stove is only available through and is directly shipped from the manufacturer to the customer.
by Camping World – June 14, 2016
Yes, the BBQ box can be removed as it is not mounted to the stove. The BBQ box can be viewed as a grill plate with a lid and is placed over the burners for heat source.
by Camping World – November 17, 2015

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