Camping World Round Bar Weight Distribution Hitches, 1000 lb. Tongue Weight

Catalog Item # 76030

Built especially for Camping World by Curt.

Technical Specifications

85.4 lbs.

by Anonymous – October 25, 2015
Yes this weight distribution hitch can be installed on your pop-up since it has an a-frame style hitch. However, the weight capacities of this dist. system is likely to far exceed what is actually needed. A weight distribution hitch should be selected based on capacities in range of the weight of the trailer. Using a higher capacity system will create a negative impact by making the ride too stiff which usually causes the trailer to bounce while being towed.

Your pop-up is likely in the 3000# gross/300# tongue weight range, a lighter system like Reese part#66557 (4000 lbs. gross/250 to 400 lbs. tongue) or part#66558 (6,000 lbs. gross/400 to 600 lbs. tongue) would be better suited as SKU#76030 is for a 10,000 lbs. gross/800 to 1,000 lbs. tongue weight.
by Camping World – December 29, 2015

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