Carefree Buena Vista Room - Fits Carefree Campout and Freedom Awnings, 3 Meters

Catalog Item # 81426

Just attach it to your awning to nearly double your living space and enjoyment of the outdoors.

Technical Specifications

39 lbs.
3 meters

This model of the Buena Vista Room is specific to the Campout bag awning and Freedom case awning which are typically used on small campers like a pop-up or truck camper. Odds are, your 5th wheel has a full size patio awning thus would use the regular model for standard manual and 12V patio awnings with vertical arms such as item# 81423. The Buena Vista room comes in various sizes and selection of the room will match the size of the patio awning.
by Camping World – September 23, 2015

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