Carefree Buena Vista Room - Fits Carefree Campout and Freedom Awnings, 3.5 Meters

Catalog Item # 81427

Just attach it to your awning to nearly double your living space and enjoyment of the outdoors.

Technical Specifications

42 lbs.
3.5 Meters

by fritz – November 02, 2015
What is height from ceiling to ground on front and rear that connects to trailer. I do not know metric, you give dimensions only I need more information. I need all sizes top sides front rear etc.
SKU#81427 is specific to Carefree of Colorado awning models 'Campout'(end of bag to end of bag) or 'Freedom'(end of case to end of case) measuring 11'6"(3.5 meters) with bottom of case or bag to ground height of 86" to 120".

For traditional manual & 12V patio awnings with an 8' extension from the RV and awning rail to ground height of 86" to 120" in any make/model. The Buena Vista Room is listed by patio awning size(ex. 10'-11',20'-21')which is measured from center of hardware arm to center of hardware arm.
by Camping World – January 05, 2016

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