Carefree SideOut Kover III- Standard

Catalog Item # 48563d

The SideOut Kover III works automatically with the slideout to protect it from rain, dirt and debris when it's extended.

Integrates with your patio or window awning for a sleek, unified look. Built in concealed center roller support stops any roller assembly sag you see on all other slide -out products on the market. Mounting screws are completely hidden to finish of the look as to not detract from the beauty of your RV. Fits slideout extensions up to 42". All hardware is extruded aluminum for long-lasting durability. The Sideout Kover III is available with the standard wind deflector or with a full-enclosure aluminum case that protects the fabric. Standard color is white vinyl with white deflector or full case and endcaps. Comes complete with awning rail and mounting hardware.

Technical Specifications

by Butch – April 02, 2017
My slide is 144" wide, is this 149" awning the correct size to get?
If the roof size is 142" to 149", yes SKU#75329 would be the appropriate cover.

However, if the length from flange to flange is 139" to 146", SKU#75328 is recommended.
by Camping World – April 02, 2017

Yes, the SideOut Kover III includes the wind deflector. It is the piece that goes across the front of the unit and leaves the top exposed. The 'Covered' model(SKU#48541) also has the wind deflector, but has an extra body piece over the top to make the unit enclosed.
by Camping World – July 08, 2016
Yes, the SideOut Kover III comes with an awning rail that mounts on the trailer side. So the polycord end of the awning/topper fabric has an anchor to slide in to.
by Camping World – June 23, 2016

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