Center Point Air Ride Suspension System

Catalog Item # 62534

The simple, unique design of the Center Point Air Ride Suspension System cushions your towable RV against road shock and vibration by adding an air spring at the equalizer position between the leaf springs.

One air spring instantly absorbs opposing forces from two axles simultaneously. This allows the air spring to dampen more effectively than a traditional trailing beam suspension system that uses either air springs or torso-elastic rubber. The result: smooth, stable towing.

Center Point Air Ride Suspension System Advantages:

  • Improves overall ride while protecting the coach and its cargo
  • Absorbs impact caused by road shock and vibration
  • Easy to install and adaptable to most trailer double eye leaf spring application
  • Improves braking efficiency for shorter stopping time
  • Saves you time and money on costly repairs

Technical Specifications

44.4 lbs.

This is for one side of the trailer.
by Camping World – May 08, 2013

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