Ceramic Heater Fan

Catalog Item # 84668

The Schumacher ceramic heater fan provides instant heat, even in the coldest conditions.

Technical Specifications

2.27 lbs.

by Anonymous – February 15, 2016
As long as the heater is properly mounted/secured, yes it can be used in a moving car.
by Camping World – March 08, 2016
A number of current generation passenger vehicles have integrated USB ports to connect mobiles devices for data and/or charging. This heater uses the traditional 12V cigarette lighter outlet for power, USB ports actually do not have the required amperage to power a device like this.
by Camping World – February 16, 2016
The heater is to be mounted in place, either with screws or with hook & loop tape. Dimensions are 4.3" x 7.8" x 6.8".
by Camping World – February 01, 2016

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