CFX Fridge Slides, CFX-SLD3540

Catalog Item # 88490

Mount your portable cooler in an RV storage compartment and slide it out for easy access without lifting.

Two sets of mounting holes: to hold feet in base of CFX models for quick fit, plus to match thread nutserts in base of CFX models for semi-permanent installation. Includes 4 x heavy duty straps, 4 x quick release buckles. 220 lb. maximum load capacity.

Technical Specifications

49.3 lbs.

by jkgrote – June 20, 2016
Which axis does the slide move on ... What is the required height, depth and width of the RV Compartment required?
Overall Dimensions: 18.07"W x 29.92"L x 3.11"H

Internal Tray Dimensions: 15.79"W x 29.13"D

The slide moves on the X axis and minimal clearance of 21"W x 32"L x 29"H is suggested. Minimal height can actually vary depending on what cooler model is being used. 29"H accounts for the tallest model, the CF-60. The slide is compatible with the CFX-35, CFX-40, CF-35, CF-40, CF-50, CF-50DZ, and CF-60. Keep in mind that these coolers require ventilation and thus should not be operated in an enclosed space like a cargo compartment or vehicle trunk unless fresh air can be provided.
by Camping World – June 21, 2016

by Tom – June 08, 2016
No, this slide is compatible with the CFX-35 and CFX-40 and CF units. SKU#88491 is compatible with the CFX-50 and CFX-65. At this time a slide is not available for the CFX-95.
by Camping World – June 10, 2016

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